Scripture Guide for BeOS and Zeta

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Scripture Guide is the new name for Be-Logos. The name has been changed due to trademark issues.


Scripture Guide is a user-friendly bible program for the BeOS R5, Zeta and the upcoming Haiku. It is a frontend for the powerful Sword-Library that has been successfully compiled on BeOS.

Feature Overview

Current version 0.8:

-- new font selection
-- better navigation
-- verse comparision
-- module manager
-- a lot of bug fixes

Old version 0.7:

-- loads and shows all installed bible and commentary modules
-- allows full search on a module, selecting a range of books to search in
-- open as many bible windows and search windows as you like
-- (auto) select a verse and export it directly to your favorite editor
-- complete help manual
-- code published under GPL
-- extra version for Zeta

Roadmap to 1.0

-- support for glossaries etc.
-- support GBF markups
-- support Strong numbers
-- bugfixing


Version 0.8.0
Search Window, click to enlarge
Module Manager, click to enlarge

Version 0.7.0
Main Window, click to enlarge
Search Window, click to enlarge

Zeta Version, click to enlarge


Feel free to contact me for your suggestions, bug reports, flames and spam.

The Scripture-Guide team was founded, find the newest CVS snapshot on SourceForge. Please join us if you want to contribute.


Scripture Guide 0.8 for BeOS R5 (x86) and Zeta
Scripture Guide 0.8 Source Files (for developers only)

For installing modules please read the included help manual.